“My sessions are a potential to see beyond limited perspectives and expand into infinite amount of love within Christ. It is a choice you have hidden so deeply you forgot that this choice is waiting to be found. I am here to serve the Holy Spirit.”

--Yana Etherian

What is a Soul Blossoming?

People are like gardens. A “Soul Blossoming” is a beautiful infinite awakening that happens within every flower in its own time and in its own unique way. You cannot really force a flower to open. This awakening is truly a never ending realization of the presence of the Holy Spirit. 

Like a flower opening its petals, each petal is an opportunity for light to emanate and illuminate in its own time. Awakening is one of the greatest artistic inspirations of life. To witness the releasing of the most healing perfumes into this world is to participate in nature’s greatest wonder.

Additionally, there is a flame within each flower, expanding and transfiguring energy, blossoming harmony, and awakening to life’s fruition. For the unique catalyzers and igniters of this inner flame, Yana is here to show you how to light up, illuminate, and radiate your innermost truth and essence within the light of Christ.  

The Soul Blossoming prayers sessions are designed to help you more clearly see a connection to your  soul’s essence within God and recognize your true nature, accept yourself on a deeper level, and ignite your inner flame to shine even brighter through your natural innate intelligence and abilities as son’s and daughter’s of God.

Empower and embody your divinity

Yana uses meditation and prayers, to become intune with your subconscious energetic vibrations within the construct of your existence, to facilitate your empowerment and embodiment of your own inherent as children of God

All sessions are meant to help you become conscious of your unique abilities and gifts and clear confusion and blocks in the way of living aligned to God. Of Yana’s three types of sessions-soul blossoming sessions is where you start.


Soul Blossoming Session

donation based

START HERE… as your first session

This session is a very personal session. As the name explains, it is where I will learn about you in the beginning of your transformation. You may experience the possibility of inner healing, prophesy, and deliverance. It will all depend on the individual and what the Holy spirit asks me to do. We may know a little bit more in what unique direction to go on the following sessions.

30 minutes- 1 hour or more

All sessions uses zoom.

Inner healing Session

donation based

This session is mostly related to your soul’s  activation principles to release blocks and traumas. 

For every person, the sessions take a different shape. But all of them share the following things in common: 

.You will understand fully what is on the way to your relation to your highest potential for expression in union with God. 

.Learn how to create from a place of alignment to God by being conscious of your own inherent traumas and blessings in connection to God

. You may receive deliverance, prophesy messages, and/or inner healing, depending on the guidance of the Holy spirit at the time of your session.

30 min-1 hour or more

All sessions uses zoom.

Deliverance SESSION

donation based

This service is a combination of deliverance in conjunction with prophesy practices, activations, deprograming and inner healing. It is a wonderful way to bring God to your everyday life questions and challenges. Here, you are going to be releasing the shackles and experience freedom in Christ through deliverance. 

30- 1 hour or more

All sessions uses zoom.