art portfolio

“My paintings are prayers for healing"



I create art referencing conscious and subconscious images of the soul. I work directly with the Holy Spirit and he open prophetic pathways to rewrite and reverse damaging thoughts, emotions, and memories into Jesus’ healing light.  This opens me  to receive core gifts for expansion, and the recognition of my divine inheritance within the light of Christ.

I call this process TTTIC which stands for the three phases of my process which are as following: transformational, transfigurational, and translational integrative creations. This sacred process for creative integration occurs in prayer where information can be received at the level of spirit, remotely or in person, where the presence of the Holy Spirit brings healing which takes place in a DNA level. These inner healing processes are aimed to amplify effects through repetition, thereby solidifying new ways of being at a heart level.

While I use a variety of materials, in each project, my method is consistent about finding harmony and new perspectives. Each project often consists of multiple prayers, inner healing, prophetic writing, and visions that bridge the information from the Holy Spirit into transformational image.

Revelation collection

Collection in Process.

transform collection

This collection started as personal process using three phases of my process (TTTIC) that focus on transforming. Yana created this process of healing to transform low-vibrational subconscious images into positive gifts. Yana has created paintings for clients targeting their own personal images for healing their mind, body and soul. 

Beneath-my-skin collection

In this collection you will find images Yana created from supernatural experiences she had in the beginning of her life as an artist. Each one is related to different parts of her being that were activated and opened to realization. They are personal and untouched by time, representing the roots of where she began to transition and accept what she came here to experience and create.