“I am here to show you that restoration is possible now.” --Yana

If you believe in the power of prayer, I am calling all those in need of support to call on me.


Embracing God as your only infinite possibility

Transformation of your body, spirit, and soul

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 Through the time and effort I put into my own process of deliverance, inner healing, prophetic guidance, bible learning, and healing artwork, I learned how to collaborate with the Holy Spirit to transform emotional and physical pain and find guidance in my own life. I experienced the Holy Spirit within me and I learn to heal myself by following his guidance.

 Although this process of healing is still happening and may never end; I understand that I must help others to find freedom within their lives. I am constant being equipped by the Holy Spirit to help others to blossom from their own challenges in connecting to God and I am passionate about supporting creative and sensitive types to blossom from a connection to their own light in attunement with the light of our Father God. I know that through the most difficult challenges of our lives, we can find the most expansion and freedom. 

Server of the Holy Spirit. Daughter of God

I have noticed my spiritual sensitivities since a very young age, but I haven’t always been able to make sense of them. As I learned to embrace Christ fully, I began introducing others to the blessings of God; thereby facilitating others to connect to the Lord. I am a teacher, a spiritual counselor, a facilitator through prayer sessions, inner healing facilitator, and an artist. I celebrate personal transformation and individuals expanding their relationship with our only God father, through the person of Jesus Christ.

In summary, I am here to help bring you closer to what you authentically are in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Then, I will teach you how to do it yourself. In this process, you will rebuild your relationship and closeness to the Lord, and that is what most matter.

In my artist work, I often explore the varying relationships between prayer and healing. My work essentially transmutes and transforms into healing light, which creates expansive space for recognizing divinity of god permeating within Self and the blessings that comes from this process.