“I am here to serve as a bridge to remind you of your power within the holy spirit... and remind you of all your soul... and to show you that restoration is possible now.” --Yana Etherian

A variety of prayers and meditations aim to empower you to embody the Holy Spirit and gain clarity in your life. These processes are meant for you to understand that “for every problem there is a solution in a larger field of possibilities.

If you believe in the power of prayer, I am calling all artists of life, creators, sensitive types and all those in need of support to call on me.

The flowers still will blossom even in the absence of the sun, and the stars will still shine bright even in the darkest night of your soul.  Challenges are what induces evolution. Let us prepare the soil for the new generation to come. This path begins with illumination. 

Embracing infinite possibilities

Transformative soul Processes

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 Through creative processes, meditation and prayers, Yana learned how to transform emotional and physical pain and find acceptance of deep parts of Self. She realized her words and actions of healing were creating healing within others around her, which they called “sweetness of the spirit”. 

 Although this process of remembering and allowing was intense, she has seen “the dark night of the soul” as an essential moment of transformation into creative light–soul blossoming.

She now specializes in helping others to blossom from their own challenges in connecting to God and she is passionate about supporting creative and sensitive types to blossom from a connection to their own light in attunement with the light of God. She knows that through the most difficult challenges of our lives, we can find the most expansion and abundance. 

Teacher. Healer. Creator.

Yana has noticed her spiritual sensitivities since a very young age, but hasn’t always been able to make sense of them. As she learned to embrace herself fully, she began introducing others to the blessings of high frequency vibrations from God; thereby facilitating others to connect to the Lord too. She is a teacher, a spiritual counselor, a facilitator through prayers and the word of God, a creative project leader, inner healing practitioner, and a visionary artist. She celebrates personal transformation and individuals expanding their own awareness of God, through the person of Jesus Christ. among all people who need support now.

In summary, Yana is a “bridge“–she establishes a link that brings you closer to what you authentically are in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Then, she will teach you how to be your own “bridge”. In this process, you will rebuild your relationship and closeness to the Lord.

In Yana’s visionary work, she often references subconscious and conscious images and explores the varying relationships between prayer and meditation practices. Having engaged diverse subjects from reversing stress produced emotions to rewriting negative thoughts and behavioral patterns, her work essentially transmutes and transforms negative vibrations from subconscious mind imagery into healing light, which creates expansive space for recognizing divinity of god permeating within Self and the blessings that comes from this process.