find your

w/ Transformational PAINTINGS +
Inner Healing + Prophetic words +Deliverance

Each of us has a unique path

 I offer prayers for healing and work as a server of the Holy Spirit to help you realize a unique life that he have created only for you.

I offer the following: inner healing, physical healing, deliverance, and prophetic guidance sessions to strengthen your alignment to God and support your transformation

working w/ Jesus and his divine guidance

I believe that God wants for us to support each other in our journey for the healing of ourselves and others. In this sessions, we work in conjunction with the Holy Spirit for our healing. 

I am a server of God and I am continually learning from the words of the bible how I can help each person with their unique needs. The process of transformation is always constant and I can offer myself to you as a vessel for the Holy Spirit to do his work. I am a student of God and without him I am nothing.

In this path of salvation, we are always in a battle with demonic forces. And much of what we are struggling in life, can be resolved and restored when we collaborate with the Holy Spirit to do his work on us.


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Come back in alignment with your creator.

After sessions, clients have typically perceived a greater sense of well being and clarity in life. This is because God is now opening them up to freedom. 

experience authentic alignment to the creator


My services and paintings are here for you to receive as a gift, the healing that you need. This healing is our birthright, and God’s gifts are given to us because we inherent them. We are God’s children, and He wants to see a transformation in us and all the ones we come in contact with.


Be supported to blossom into God's purpose for you in this time.

Free consultation

In this 20 min we can discuss your needs and you can tell me more about your background, in preparation for the bigger session.