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Each of us have a divine soul blueprint

Feeling confused and unclear with doubts about the place you are in life? Questioning the meaning of life and who you are on a deep level? Clarifying your soul blueprint can help you find a clear direction in life and accelerate the alignment to your fullest potential.

Soul Blossoming Readings and Soul Portraits strengthen your connection to your higher self and support the transformation of low-vibrational feeling states to inspired states of being.

working w/ divine guidance

Yana’s capacities to tap into your core signature vibrations and access knowledge beyond the physical are natural skills of hers. She has developed her natural, emotional, spiritual, visual, shamanic, and soul intuitive abilities throughout a lifetime of transformation. 

Her lifelong experience helping others amplify their own gifts as healers can help you to reconnect with your higher self, and shift any blocks on the way to your fullest potential. Reprogram your life with tools tailored uniquely for you.


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Connect to aspects of your higher self, core essence, & true self.

After sessions, clients have typically perceived a greater sense of well being and clarity in life. This integration and alignment brings about a chain of synchronistic events that comes from the manifestation of one’s life path in recognition.

experience authentic alignment to self

Are you ready to take your life to the next level and dive deep into the core of who you are but do not know how to go about doing that?

Yana’s readings and paintings are tailored uniquely to target: “what are you wanting to transform in your life now.” They are tools of transformation working at subconscious and cellular levels to shift limiting patterns.

The Blossom Reading first brings you deeper and deeper into yourself. It works as a meditation operating on the unconscious and expanding your awareness and gifts as a spiritual being having a human experience.

You will find intuitive readings that are targeted specifically to any questions and problems in your life that need integration, alignment, and clarity. 

All paintings are tools that connect and activate the power that you are and the light you came here to blossom into and shine as.

Be supported to blossom into your highest purpose in this time.

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